Retail Banking Academy news roundup – 27/03/2017

UK banks face further scrutiny on top of annual stress test

“The new “exploratory” test, which will be carried out every other year, will assess banks’ resilience to a wider range of risks beyond those emanating from the financial cycle — such as persistently low interest rates and high costs.

Amazon Is Winning at Credit Cards Too

“According to a Morgan Stanley AlphaWise survey, 23% of U.S. adults have Amazon cards – tied with Wal-Mart. Plus, 13% of those who don’t have Amazon cards indicated that they were “very likely” to sign up for one.”

The high cost of our vanishing bank branches

” The [House of Lords committee on financial exclusion], chaired by Baroness Claire Tyler, has just issued a damning report on “unacceptable” levels of financial exclusion… The report shows that older banking customers are the most likely to rely on local branches, and the least likely to bank online. They also make up a growing slice of the UK’s ageing population.

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 27th March 2017

“Singapore will continue to push innovation in payments, with the latest scheme backing a Central Addressing System for the collection of mobile numbers for e-payments. The government hopes that this will eventually lead to drop in merchant charges and bring more small businesses into the payment acceptance infrastructure.”

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