Retail Banking Academy news roundup – 12/06/2017

Theresa’s May’s joyless campaign for a stronger hand in Brexit negotiations with the EU

“With the votes counted and a hung parliament in the offing, the result produced no clear direction for the country, and another election may be on the cards within the year.”

Is Bitcoin A New Asset Class?

“The astonishing bull market (bubble?) in Bitcoin has drawn attention to the cryptocurrency from all corners. One of the questions that’s reasonating: Should Bitcoin be treated as an asset class, on par with stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities? “

Italy Banks Said in Talks With Authorities on Veneto Lenders Aid

“Italy’s banks are considering a request by the nation’s government to contribute about 1.2 billion euros ($1.4 billion) to the state-backed rescue of two troubled regional lenders in order to avoid a costly resolution, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 12th June 2017

“Curation used to be about assembling and organising artworks and artefacts. Now, in the effort to put a more human face on technology, businesses are claiming to be “curators” putting customers together with…fintech.”

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