Retail Banking Academy news roundup – 10/04/2017

Barclays chief Jes Staley censured for bid to identify whistleblower

“Barclays chief executive Jes Staley, who has publicly pushed for the highest ethical standards at his bank, is facing major sanctions from UK regulators and a “very significant” pay cut for trying to uncover the identity of a whistleblower who raised concerns about a former colleague Mr Staley hired.”

An Inconvenient Apple Pay Truth

“Despite being the most adopted general purpose instore mobile wallet in the market, our research over the last 2.5 years suggests that Apple Pay isn’t used much.”

Wells Fargo to Claw Back $75 Million From Former Executives

“In a scathing 113-page report that made it clear that all the warning signs of the problem had been glaring, the board released the results of its six-month investigation into the conditions and culture that prompted thousands of Wells Fargo employees to create fraudulent accounts in an effort to meet aggressive sales goals.

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 7th April 2017

“Singapore will continue to push innovation in payments, with the latest scheme backing a Central Addressing System for the collection of mobile numbers for e-payments. The government hopes that this will eventually lead to drop in merchant charges and bring more small businesses into the payment acceptance infrastructure.”

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