Retail Banking Academy news roundup – 06/06/2017

A P2P service for Apple customers

“Is Apple moving steadily towards its own payment system? Of course it is — and it’s doing it incrementally. Yesterday Apple announced that it is launching a P2P service for Apple customers, which will be integrated into iMessage, Apple’s own short messaging system.”

How to rob a bank, according to economics

“Bank robberies are great case studies for the economics of crime. They’re premeditated affairs in which a perpetrator has evaluated (consciously or not) the rationality of proceeding. “

Barclays Zimbabwe will be cquired by Malawa-based First Merchant Bank

“Barclays Zimbabwe will be acquired by Malawa-based First Merchant Bank, according to reports, as Barclays moves to divest of its African businesses. Barclays has been operating in Zimbabwe for more than a century.

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 6th June 2017

“US president Donald Trump has tapped former OneWest CEO Joseph Otting as the next Comptroller of the Currency. The influence of Steven Mnuchin is evident: Mr Otting was chief executive of OneWest at a time when Mr Mnuchin was chair of the bank, which Time magazine described as a “foreclosure machine”.”

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