Retail Banking Academy news roundup – 06/03/2017

News round up

China’s banking system has outgrown its European counterpart

“The massive size of China’s banking system is less a cause for celebration than a sign of an economy overly dependent on bank-financed investment, beset by inefficient resource allocation, and subject to enormous credit risks,” said Eswar Prasad, economist at Cornell University and former China head of the International Monetary Fund.

CLEARBANK® makes UK banking history – First new clearing bank in over 250 years

“The #ClearBank graduate programme, which screened more than 3,000 applications when it was launched late last year, has already started and offers the Retail Banking Academy‘s internationally-recognised professional Retail Banking certification programme.”

Bitcoin or Ether: which currency will win?

” The lead runners are bitcoin and Ethereum, and both have serious backing. However, it’s still early days.

Lafferty Daily Briefing – 06th March 2017

“Deutsche Bank has a new strategy: to reverse the old strategy, according to one cutting headline writer. The bank will undertake new fundraising and a further restructuring as a way out of its problems.”

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