RBA Member of the Month: Katahwire Hakim

After becoming an Affiliate Member, Katahwire Hakim has had international career progression and is making waves in the Retail Banking world.

How do you start your day?

I usually start my day with the daily Morning Prayer and then head to work. On reaching work I check on my colleagues, go through my email and then draw down my work to-do list of the tasks to accomplish through the day.

Can you tell me more about your job role and what you do day to day?

I am currently the Central coordinator for the retail credit and risk department at Finance House under the sales planning and governance unit. The role requires me to leverage my knowledge to ensure that all new business sourced by the sales unit complies with the agreed sourcing parameters and credit policy. 

When it’s a long day and you are tired, what keeps you motivated to work hard?

I love what I do and am always motivated and passionate to accomplish the tasks ahead of me, I also have a very supportive Manager who rewards and appreciates hard work and commitment.

As the industry develops and evolves what do you do to stay on stay ahead of your peers?

I always read a lot and take initiatives to educate myself in the areas of my work so as to be able to add value and stay up-to-date. I enrolled with the Retail Banking Academy to become a Certified Retail Banker, this is how  I manage to stay ahead of my peers. 

How do you want to make your mark in retail banking?

I want to equip myself with the industry’s best banking practices and knowledge so as to be able to take on more challenging roles in the retail banking division, preferably at management level. I want to foster a customer focused retail banking culture and champion the pivot towards innovation led strategies like the digital banking migration and customer managed relationships. 

With a background in relationship management, what’s your vision for the future of retail banking in the UAE?

Digital commerce and cashless payments are going to reshape the future of retail banks in the UAE as it’s also a government priority under the emirates digital wallet programme, which is expected to accelerate digital payments. This will see more banks migrating their services to digital banking platforms as a strategic choice to be able to compete favorably in this digital age. The competition now will shift to the most innovative banks with excellent 360 user-friendly digital banking services. 

As an Associate Member in the UAE, you are empowering to bankers all over the country, who empowers you?

I look out to Mr. William Sekabembe the Executive director of dfcu Bank. He is a great leader and friend, one of the few respected banking professionals in the east Africa banking industry, rising from being a bank teller to ED is a story that I aim to emulate. To be able to challenge the status quo and rise from grass to grace. 

You have quite an international career portfolio, do you have any advice for retail bankers looking to replicate your success? And do you feel the principals of the curriculum are relevant in a variety of markets?

My advice to the retail bankers is to always educate themselves in their line of work. To believe in themselves and stay committed and focused to their career goals. Lastly, to enroll with the RBA and get Certified, this is the only way they can compete in the global job market. RBA’s curriculum is so relevant to variety of markets since it’s a global course, the contents of which applies to both local and global markets. 


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