RBA Member of the Month: Jemima Sackey

Jemima is our first Female CRB in Ghana, so we wanted to see how she got there!

Can you describe what your study methods are?

Study methods differ for each individual. In my case, I tried as much as possible to relate whatever I read in the textbooks to my daily activities. This gave me a practical understanding of the content which I found very useful.

How did you find the work, study and life balance?

Do you have any advice for other students currently studying for one of the CRB levels? Combining work, study and life balance was difficult but doable once I set my mind to it. My advice to other students studying CRB is don’t leave it until the last minute. A chapter a day will surely help you better.

What does being the First Female Certified Member in Ghana mean to you?

Being the first female Certified Member in Ghana means a great deal to me. It places a higher level of responsibility on me to reflect what I have learnt and support other people (females especially) to follow a similar path and show the world that we are also very capable of handling responsibilities in this male-dominated environment.

How do you think RBA Membership will support the development of Retail Banking as a profession?

Retail banking highlights the various aspects of banking. For me, ethical behaviour is one thing I think RBA membership will support in the development of Retail Banking as a profession. Ethical behaviour will minimise the instances where products are pushed to customers and rather lead to us understanding the customers business, offering the right solutions and being a trusted advisor to the client.

With a background in new business management, what’s your vision for the future of retail banking in Ghana?

My vision for the future of retail banking in Ghana is one in which bankers are able to align the right products with customer needs. This will go a long way in satisfying customer needs without complicating their issues thereby boosting client confidence in bankers.

As the first female CRB in Ghana, you are empowering to women all over the country, who empowers you?

I take inspiration from other females in various sectors of the economy who have been able to achieve something for themselves and their industry. I also have a supportive group of family and friends who encourage and motivate me at all times.

In an industry that has been traditionally male-dominated, how do you want to your mark in retail banking?

I want to make my mark in retail banking in this male-dominated industry by being focused and confident and matching my personal skills with opportunities in the industry.

Are there any other comments you might want to add about the RBA or your CRB journey?

I will want to say a big thank you to the whole RBA team for putting the Retail Banking knowledge base together to make retail banking a profession in itself. Have you got what it takes to become a CRB? Learn more here.


Have you got what it takes to become a CRB? Learn more here.

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