RBA Member of the Month: ASHA KAMENGE

There are RBA members in 5 continents across the globe, so it’s about time we started introducing you to them.

Asha Kamegne has been an integral part of RBA membership since it all began. As Head of Special projects at Stanbic Bank, Kenya, Asha has a busy working week. She starts her day with a morning run to get her inspired and motivated.

Michael Joseph, the former  CEO of Safaricom(MPESA), is one of Asha’s inspirations, his great leadership, foresight, creativity & innovation have helped her to be the hard-working, motivated woman she is.

Asha says: “Being Certified means a lot to me as I find myself constantly applying the knowledge of the course in my job. I’m very proud to be a Certified Retail Banker and through gaining Certification I have inspired others to get the same. ”

As Member of the Month, Asha will be hosting our Kenya Meet Up on October 10. RSVP today, spaces are limited: http://rba.expert/S5K4BC


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