Taking a closer look at our e-learning platform

Online Assessment


Our interactive e-learning platform provides our entire CRB curriculum online, while continuously adapting to your performance to help you become a more proficient candidate.

Furthermore, using analytics, feedback, and a comparison to the expected module average, candidates are able to quickly and accurately assess areas for improvement in each module.

E-learning benefits2

Using our interactive activities and presentations, an extensive library of mock exam questions, and the ability to progress through the course material in any order, candidates can take control of their learning and build a study timetable that fits around their busy work schedule.

One of our recent RB I graduates described his experience with the e-learning platform:

“Going through the exercises on e-learning proved a very useful means of evaluating my level of understanding and this would also indicate the areas which needed revisiting.”

Whether using our e-learning platform to evaluate their learning, or to continually reinforce the course content throughout their studies, our platform has something to suit every style of learning.

If you’re a current RBA Candidate, make sure you visit your e-learning today!

If you’re a prospective candidate, or would like to find out more take a closer look here.




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