Member of the Month: Kaylene Fick

Kaylene Fick, CRB knows the value of constantly enhancing her expertise and passion for banking with fresh knowledge to stay ahead of her peers. Here, she provides us with some insights into her role and what keeps her motivated on a daily basis.

Can you tell me more about your role and what you do day-to-day?

I’m responsible for a team of client service resolution managers whose role it is to transform client service failures into positive client experiences. We offer a client-centric experience, providing the customer with trust – what we say we will do, we do.

When it’s a long, challenging day and you are tired, what keeps you motivated to work hard? 

I love banking. This is not a job, it’s my passion. When challenges in the HR function weigh me down or become frustrating, it is the client that keeps me motivated.  Satisfied clients are the greatest motivator. Despite technology and all the various channels available to our clients, most appreciate the human element. An empathetic and confident voice provides them with the assurance that their financial wellbeing is in good hands.  My team brings the human touch, and this is what gives my team a competitive edge. We retain clients.

As the industry develops and evolves what do you do to stay ahead of your peers?

The Retail Banking Certification was certainly an eye-opener to somebody like me who was siloed in a world of operations, sales and processes. It empowered me with a greater understanding of the mechanics behind the segment, marketing, product, risk and pricing decision-making.

I ensure that I keep abreast of developments in the banking industry through continuous learning. This allows me to contribute with confidence.

How do you want to make your mark in the retail banking industry? 

Convincing stakeholders that balancing the need for digital with a personal touch is imperative.

Our democracy is new, and a fair percentage of the population requires education in the technological world.  To many, technology is not easy, understood or cheap.  I teach my teams that whilst digital is the future, it does not have to be mutually exclusive with client instant access to a human touch. This must be an imperative across all digital platforms.

With an expertise in Resolution Management, what is your vision for the future of retail banking in South Africa? 

TRUST. This can only be achieved through financial education for all South Africans.

The future is also digital banking with live chat across all platforms. Reducing the cost of data and working together with the Government to contain data costs would allow all South Africans access to digital banking.

Lastly, a single online platform with a single view of the client across all products and channels.

As a Certified member in South Africa, you are empowering to bankers all over the country – who empowers you?

The investment my bank has made in me and my abilities by providing me with opportunities to contribute more.

You have quite a diverse career portfolio, do you have any advice for retail banking professionals aspiring to replicate your success? And do you feel the principals of the curriculum are relevant in a variety of markets?

This journey was an absolute eye-opener and required investing a lot of my personal time.

What I loved most was that the Academy was not out to trick us in the exams but to test our understanding. My new knowledge has given me resilience. Having gone through the Academy programme I realise that past experience does not sustain critical thinking or decision making for the future. And tenure is not enough – never before had I understood the linkages between Operations, Innovation, Financial Management and Customer Service.

RBA has joined the dots, I see the BIG picture clearly and realise that incremental short-lived gains are not sustainable. Little did I know how many factors are crucial for a truly client-centric approach. I now consciously create synergies which are reciprocated.

This journey is so very important to all bankers. Imagine if this was rolled out to the support managers who support client-facing staff – what an awesome bank we would be.

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