Member of the Month: Enkhzuun Namjil

As a proud CRB and Project Manager at TDB, Enkhzuun is leading the way for retail bankers in Mongolia and upholding professional excellence in everything he does.

How do you start your day?

I usually start my day by getting up at 6 am in the morning and reading some books that interest me for around half an hour and then I head to work a little bit early.

Can you tell me more about your job role and what you do day to day?

I am a project manager within the PM unit, managing a variety of projects executed by numerous departments. The projects relate to our bank strategy, market share, vision, brand and customer care.

When it’s a long, challenging day and you are tired, what keeps you motivated to work hard?

Of course, sometimes I feel disappointed and stressed by tough time-consuming projects and challenges including department silos. I love hiking, running and climbing which helps me to feel good and gain the required energy to work even harder.

As the industry develops and evolves what do you do to stay on stay ahead of your peers?

It is self-motivation, optimism and goal guide me through good and bad times. Each year I set challenging goal to myself and reaching the goal sacrifice something such as time, hard work when my peers have a fun and enjoy the time

How do you want to make your mark in retail banking?

After passing my RB III exam and becoming Certified, I am eager to do projects that not only contribute to our bank but to our banking system and customers also. Aside from my daily work, I partake in retail banking related continuous professional development which is offered by the RBA Membership, promoting professionalism in banking.

With an expertise in product launches, what is your vision for the future of retail banking in Mongolia?

I expect the future of retail banking in Mongolia to be focused on digital. Banks will cooperate with Fintech companies to provide customers with digital banking products and services.

As a Certified member in Mongolia, you are empowering to bankers all over the country, who empowers you?

Our CEO, thought leaders and management teams that support me with empowering bankers.

You have quite a commercial career portfolio, do you have any advice for retail bankers looking to replicate your success? And do you feel the principals of the curriculum are relevant in a variety of markets?

Yes, when I became a Certified Retail Banker with the Retail Banking Academy, I became much more confident and educated in my work and views, analyzing each complex issue from a customer focused and higher professional standpoint. Working in the project management unit involves holistic banking activities, to do this successfully I needed to learn through RBA’s Certified Retail Banker programme.


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