Member of The Month: Dinko Lucić

This month we are celebrating PBZ’s (Privredna banka Zagreb) CEO, Dinko Lucić. As an Honorary Member he has achieved great heights in his career, get the full scoop on how Dinko does it…

How do you start your day?

First thing in the morning I have a glass of pure, sugarless lemonade. Then I’m on the way to the office, dropping my kids off at school along the way. My first activity is a short briefing with my Secretary on the day ahead after which I check all the media coverage featuring my bank and the banking sector in general. I then begin the day’s meetings.

Can you tell me more about your job role and what you do day to day?

I’m the CEO of one of the major banks in the CEE region, of PBZ, a bank of Intesa Sanpaolo. We have operations in Croatia and Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina through our subsidiary banks. Besides regional banking coverage through our three country hub, we act as a centre of competence for the international subsidiary banking division of Intesa Sanpaolo in the areas of CRM, digital channels and AML. Therefore we develop IT and business solutions that are implemented from Egypt to Russia, covering more than six million customers. My role as the CEO is to coordinate holistic banking activities in my organization.

When it’s a long, challenging day and you are tired, what keeps you motivated to work hard?

My motivation is to relentlessly challenge my borders. I continuously push myself to do more, take more pressure, travel even more frequently, hold more meetings, process a greater amount of information and to bring about even more important decisions. I think limits are those we set for ourselves, we can always do more and better.

As the industry develops and evolves what do you do to stay on stay ahead of your peers?

Banking wouldn’t advance without fierce competition, only then you can have top range rivalry – I enjoy it. I’m a strong believer in people, they make the difference; technology is only a commodity. If I can motivate better than my competitors, precisely placing people in the right roles, we will certainly stay ahead of the competition.

How do you want to make your mark in retail banking?

A long time ago I was giving a presentation with the subject of differentiation of retail banking towards retail groceries, my conclusion was that differences are minimal. Retail is a particular type of business, we deal with customers directly, and we all live on trust and integrity. My goal is to provide a unique, long-term and superb customer experience where banking borders are not seen. Customers will be offered in tailor-made approach to their next travel arrangement, home, insurance, concert tickets, sports subscription, you name it.

With an expertise in operations, what is your vision for the future of retail banking in CEE region?

Retail banking has surpassed other banking areas in respect of profitability and thus importance. The future of retail banking will be fully shaping banks – high tech banks will be quick, multi-branded and pioneers of new experiences, otherwise, they will not survive.

You have quite an impressive career portfolio, do you have any advice for retail bankers looking to replicate your success? And do you feel the principals of the curriculum are relevant in a variety of markets?

I believe that you cannot be a complete retail banker unless you have tested yourself in multiple markets. In order to build your competences, it is important to build yourself in the complete unknown, a new environment. It builds in a person the ability to survive, orientate, judge people, to understand their potential and develop motivation methods for different types of personalities. Also, my advice would be – go to the counter. You need to experience first-hand how is it to deal with customers face to face, you’ll understand the complexity of customers’ requests and expectations and you’ll learn how to manage critical situations. Only after this type of experience are you ready to work in the HO in the retail structure.


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