Meet Ryan, Indonesia’s First Certified Retail Banker.

Ryan is our first Indonesian CRB, so we thought we’d find out about his journey.

Q. How did you find the course content overall?

I liked it. Partly it’s because the materials reminded me of the learning I used to do in graduate school. I also find it quite comprehensive and found common topics with an MBA program. It gave me a lot of insights and theory for me to refresh my knowledge and try to apply it as an additional strategic perspective in my current role.

Q. Can you identify three key skills that you have either gained or accelerated in during your time studying?

Customer service; in terms on (1) how do you manage the branch capacity vis-à-vis walk-in customers and (2) how does the customer perceive their experience through the peak-end heuristics? Another bit that I found useful is also in Operations, how to analyse the efficiency of an application process.

Q. What challenges did you face during the course and how did you overcome them?

Finding the time to study is always a challenge when you’re working long hours. I tried to read through one chapter every day before the test, and the bite-size sub-chapters also helped me in terms of ‘digesting’ it in small pieces.

Q. Do you think RBA Membership supports the development of retail banking as a profession?

Yes, I do. Partly I think it’s because retail banking is quite unique and a very human- centric business inside of the wider banking industry. Having a membership to an association that acts as a profession ‘guild’ would help to enhance the value and prestige of the profession itself

Q. In what way do you think that your Designation will benefit you as a retail banker?

I think the Designation will add credibility to my existing experience in retail banking, whether I am facing clients or counterparties, and for my career enhancement as well.

Q. Do you think our upcoming ‘Careers Corner’, which offers RBA Members career advice, is a useful tool for Members?

Yes, it is. Even though different geographies and different organisations have different career progression paths, every little bit of advice would surely add new and more insights to be applied in each situation.


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