Challenges (and pleasures) of retail banking

I have enjoyed working in banking since January 1976. Until 1994, when I began refining my expertise in retail banking, I had worked in all banking departments. But I have found retail banking to be the most exciting part of the industry. Why? The many challenges, briefly:

1- Reading and studying on a continual basis to match the rapid developments in the industry.
2- Developing the creativity that is needed to excel.
3- Working hard for the “winning horse” in the bank race: a true pleasure.
4- Producing success stories out of a tough, competitive environment.

Joining the founding team of IARB academy (that has been a banker’s dream come true), I was not only given the opportunity to pass on the fruits of my experience but also to experience valuable interaction with students, themselves established in banking roles. Furthermore, the perfectly-drafted material of the IARB curriculum gave me the chance to gain yet more knowledge.  The IARB curriculum is special: most comments from my students reflect their appreciation of the course material, which appropriately matches the wide demands of day-to-day work in this field.  The Academy, moreover, has shown an admirable desire to continue passing on fresh knowledge though various media, even after graduation. As I mentioned above, reading and studying on a continual basis is both exciting and necessary for this line of work. A lifelong banker’s dream come true, indeed.

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