Certification gives Stanbic Botswana an edge

As Manager of Learning and Development at Stanbic Botswana, Sethunya Mosweu is responsible for the development growth of her staff. As an integral part of our collaboration with Stanbic, Sethunya took a moment of her time to chat with us about how working together is helping Stanbic to become the top bank in Botswana.

We started working with Stanbic Botswana in 2016, a partnership that has seen great success. The goal was to get up-and-coming talent enrolled onto the programme to see how they would develop.

“The aim was to grow these people from a grass-roots level and see how they actually perform after the course. It has helped in terms of morale, because the people getting involved feel special, and because of that they go out of their way to try and implement some of the things they have actually learnt.”

Sethunya shows passion for the young talent at Stanbic and tells us how great it is to see the results starting to come to fruition. “We are working on a few projects with our RBA candidates right now that are waiting to be rolled out. We hope to soon say ‘Wow! Look at what’s been achieved by the talented staff that have implemented these incredible innovations!’”

When asked about the feedback from the Stanbic Candidates, Sethunya had many positive words:

“From the candidates, it’s been really positive. It’s challenging for them and it’s pushing them to do better. Some of them have been with the bank for a while, nearing on three to four years. They were saying how they were humbled by the project and how they thought they’d breeze through it but needed to really focus to get through the content. Module 3 really humbled them and made them want to ‘be more’.

“We actually started a ‘be more’ campaign: It’s not just about learning and development, it’s about everything. You find that in everything we do we are talking about ‘be more’. Staff are saying it has pushed them to want   to ‘be more’ and actually they are taking on even more studies on their own and not just wanting to learn in a classroom environment, but online, with friends   and in their own time.”

The ‘be more’ campaign is one of the many elements that are placing Stanbic among the Top 4 banks in Botswana.

“We have embraced digitisation and raised the bar considerably and it’s consistently getting better by the day. Because this RBA training is primarily targeted for our Personal and Business Banking team (PBB) talent, it’s been rewarding as both a retention strategy tool and helping raise the bar. The pass rate has been good and the feedback from graduates has been phenomenal. Through this platform and others, we believe we are growing first- line professional retail bankers and shifting the dial on retail banking perceptions. This move has made retail the most exciting place to be. We certainly benchmark best practice, but it’s our primary objective to look inward with the intent to improve our offerings our processes, etc. Our ultimate goal is to be No. 1 in the market, and we are confident of this in the next year or so. In today’s market, no one can afford to be static; we must #BeMore.” As Henry Ford said, “if I had asked them what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”.

“We have 700 staff in Botswana, and the biggest bank here has over 2,000 – we are not far behind in earnings too, so we see we are doing well.”

When asked if Certification will help the bank reach the No. 1 spot, Sethunya responded simply: “It definitely gives us an edge.”

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